Silverback ute trays are a name that is well known for producing only the highest quality ute tray backs, tool boxes, dog cages and associated products in the Cairns region.

Since we began designing and manufacturing high quality galvanised steel and aluminium ute trays to where our business is now as part of the North Queensland Engineering & Fabrication (NQEF) portfolio of quality companies we have positioned ourselves as the leading enterprise for the fabrication and manufacture of ute trays. Our Cairns manufactured ute trays look great and also have proven to be longer lasting than the others on the market.

We can also arrange delivery of any of our products Australia wide with regular deliveries to Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Brisbane and all throughout Queensland.


The main thing that sets our ute tray backs apart from the rest is in their heavy duty galvanised and aluminium construction with a hard wearing zinc surface on a galvanised finish???? meaning they are built tough to last the harshest of working environments.

Our ute tray backs are also made using only the best quality Australian materials and are assembled on solid welded chassis mounts for extra durability.



NQ Engineering and Fabrication Pty Ltd delivers results built on a platform of experience, quality customer service and an established resource base. Bringing together the synergies within 3D AutoCAD design, fabrication and CNC cutting and folding processes. We can deliver on a scope of works developed over ten years of business operation with ongoing product development.

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